It Looks Like A Regular Patio, But Look Closer. You Won't Believe The View From This Man's House.

Ask any sports fan and they will tell you – scoring tickets to watch a game in person can be quite expensive. But what if you could simply live in your favorite stadium? Sounds crazy, right?

Rewind to 1965 to see a luxurious and flamboyant seven-story home built inside a baseball stadium.

Roy Hofheinz, former mayor of Houston and super sports fan, spent $6 million to create his unbelievable home inside the Astrodome, the world’s first multi-purposed baseball stadium. 

As you can see, no expense was spared. Today, the renovations would have cost more than $41 million. 

The seven stories of living space included an ornate office just over right field...


A home movie theater…

And even a personal barber shop. 

Of course, his wife had a private salon as well. 

And his kids had an amazing circus-themed playroom. 

If guests grew tired of watching baseball, they could go bowling…


Play some pool with a view…

Or simply have a chat in this gorgeous zebra-print board room. 

And guests did come. Here is President Lyndon B. Johnson, working in a suite that Roy had built just for his friend. 

After Roy’s death, the unique living space was demolished to make way for extra seating. In 2005 the stadium housed refugees from Hurricane Katrina, but after years of disuse, it has fallen to ruin. Although it was recently declared a historical site, the stadium’s future remains unknown. 

Can you imagine living in such a unique and ornate space? Would it be fun to watch every game or would you tire of the hustle and bustle? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share these forgotten images with your friends and family. 

Credit: LIFE Archives, 1968

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