It Looks Like A Sunny Day Inside, But When I Saw What Is Used To Light The Room, I Was Surprised

Good news for apartment dwellers: you might be able to get your very own skylight, even before you finally score that sweet penthouse. Italian scientists are developing an artificial skylight that's amazingly realistic for brightening up spaces that don't have access to proper, natural light.

From PetaPixel: "The scientists who invented the light figured out how to use a thin coating of nanoparticles to accurately simulate sunlight through Earth’s atmosphere and the effect known as Rayleigh scattering. It’s not just the color temperature that’s the same — the quality of the light feels the same as well."  

The lighting was developed by the high-tech University of Insubria spin-off project CoeLux, founded by physicist Paolo DiTrapani. 

These LED skylights have three configurations ranging in brightness, light temperature (cooler versus warmer), and lateral light direction. The scientists looked to the sunshine of Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the tropics to determine the perfect artificial skylight settings.

For this, CoeLux was awarded "Light Source Innovation of the Year" in 2014, but he says that this is only the beginning. 

“The void height needed is a metre. It consumes 340W of electrical power, but that will come down as LEDs improve," said LuxReview. "CoeLux is at the beginning of its commercial journey, and that’s reflected in the current cost. It’ll set you back £40,000 from the factory gate, and another £3,000 to £5,000 for shipping and specialist installation. But the interest is already there, particularly for high-value underground installations.”

Source: Twisted Sifter | Photography: CoeLux

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