It Looks Like An Average Delivery Truck From Here, But I've Never Seen An Interior Like This Before

If you saw Dipa Vasudeva Das' plain, white utility van driving by, you probably wouldn't give it a second look. Das knew that he wanted his life to go mobile, but he wasn't sure about buying a mobile home. Especially when he had this van already. And that’s when he got the idea.

The van looks nondescript, but it had the potential to be transformed into the perfect tiny home.

There was nothing special about the interior, so Das set about deconstructing it.

He created a grid system to make use of under-floor storage space.

He covered everything in wood, giving it a warm, cozy vibe.

And created built-ins, including this gorgeous Art Noveau window.


This mini-kitchen is adorable and completely practical.

These wooden doors are everything.

And below the doors, Das created locking, pull-out storage.

The back of the van opens into this open-air patio.

And behind the curtains? You guessed it: more storage.

There's enough room for guests to come visit.


At night, Das rolls his bed out for a snugly cozy sleeping space.

The wood burning stove in the kitchen pulls double duty as a heater in the wintertime months.

With it, Das can travel year-round.

Das documents his adventures on his blog as he travels around the world in his nomad van.

Credit: Divine Factory

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