It Looks Like An Ordinary Camping Tent, But Once You Step Inside, It's A Whole New World.

Ever wish you could get in touch with the great outdoors and the majestic beauty of the wilderness but without all the bugs and dirt and stuff? If your sleep number isn't set to dirt and you're sick of waiting for Mother Nature to hurry up and let you shower, you'll love the Resort at Paws Up.

Glamping, a portmanteau of "glam" and "camping", combines all the spectacular views of the rugged life with all the luxury of a five-star hotel.


The Resort at Paws Up boasts four two-bedroom tents and two single bed tents, each with a private outdoor soaking tub, grill cantina, laundry, cell reception, wifi, air conditioning, and, no joke, camping butlers to ensure that your stay is just the right level of rustic.

If the butler's handling of campfire duties, S'more tutorials and climate control are still a bit much for you, the luxury cabins and resort itself offer even more indoorsy amenities. Regardless of your glamping level, you'll get a stunning view of Montana's Blackfoot River.


Credit: Resort at Paws Up | Roadtrippers

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