It Looks Like She's Holding A Baby, But The Truth Is Very Different. I Had No Idea People Did This.

Collectors have been buying and trading baby dolls for years. Sure, when they're displayed in a mass of heads and bare limbs, they can be a little unsettling. But what about when the dolls get really real?

Photographer Jamie Diamond stumbled into the world of what she calls an "outsider art-making community" that collects and creates hyperrealistic dolls. They call themselves the Reborner community and the doll collectors sometimes develop intense relationships with the dolls.

For her photo project, Diamond learned how to create the type of doll favored by the Reborners. There's a meticulous attention to detail. The dolls are weighted to that of a newborn's body with glass beads inserted to mimic internal structure. Some are even scented to smell like a newborn baby.

She spent nine months creating these dolls and photographing them before selling them.

This is Troy.


Meet Aisha.

In her work, "The Amy Project", Diamond created dolls of the same body model and face mold into different ethnicities, creating corresponding cultural artifacts for them. 

The Amy Project

From her "Mother Love" series, Diamond painted the dolls in the style of famous classical artists. In the style of Raphael Sanzio da Urbino:

And Albrecht Dürer:

Giovanni Bellini:

"Depictions vary drastically from artist to artist, all ultimately presenting their personal, ideal representation of a singular figure," Diamond says. With that, she developed a third series, "Mother Love", photographing the dolls with their owners.


This proud Mother Marilyn:

A calm Mother Ping:

A pensive Mother Brenda:

And, the happy Mother Karen:

Credit: Jamie Diamond | ViralNova

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