It Looks Like This Dog Is Sneaking A Vending Machine Snack, But The Truth Is Far More Surprising

In Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, the problem of stray dogs is constant issue. It is estimated that there are currently over 150,000 stray dogs roaming the streets every day. The sheer number of dogs cannot be contained in any shelter, and many suffer from malnutrition and diet-related illnesses from eating trash. A Turkish company by the name of Pugedon has come up with a solution to the city’s trash, as well as providing a nutritious meal to many strays.

Pugedon has created what is calls “Smart Recycling Boxes,” which essentially dispenses dog food whenever someone recycles a water bottle into the machine. The cost of the food is offset by the value of the recycled water bottle.


If not for the machines, the animals would have been moved to undisclosed “natural habitat parks,” which some animal activists have speculated to be cover for euthanasia.

While many do not like the idea of having mass amounts of stray dogs around, a 2012 proposal by the city to get rid of the animals was met with serious backlash, as some consider the animals to be a part of the natural landscape.

Many of the local residents have formed an emotional attachment to the animals that regularly roam their neighborhoods.



Now anyone can provide a stray canine with a meal – all they need is a water bottle. 

The system set up by Pugedon aims to give local strays a higher standard of living, by both providing food and helping to eliminate recyclable waste.

Credit: Earthporm.comPugedon

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