It Started Off With A Hole In The Ground, But What It Ended Up As Is Too Cool.

After hearing a story from her hairdresser about how easy a DIY backyard pond was, this mom decided to try her hand at turning her own yard into a backyard retreat.

Here is the "before" shot.

First was a lot of digging.

And hunting around the mountains for the perfect stones.

Finally the hole is formed.


Ledges form the edge of the pond for rocks and plants.

Turning the mound of dirt into a waterfall.

The rock wall around the waterfall.

The hole gets a sturdy tarp liner, held down with the rocks.

Running a pipe up for the waterfall.

The tube from the pump to the waterfall basin is working and looking good on the trial run on the stream liner.


You can really see the size and scope of the project here.

The pond's first plant.

Stone riverbanks bring it together.

Pavers, stones and a fire pit make it a relaxing, tranquil space.

Don't forget a sanctuary for the birds.

The feeders are set up and filled, the swinging bench is ready for relaxing.

The project may have gone over budget (they were trying to come in under $100), but the experience and the final project are well worth it.

Later, they added rocks behind the waterfall, covering up the basin and liner completely.

Credit: Imgur

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