It Started Snowing In Their Town, So The Locals Decided To Make These Awesome Snowmen

The last weeks of winter are seemingly never-ending. But if you have a sense of humor, the snowfall and rising temperatures make for perfect snowman conditions. And if you're so over the regular roly-poly Frosty the Snowman, post-Christmas is the perfect time to get a little more creative with building one. Check out these epic snow monsters that will keep you smiling right through to the home stretch.

Too Soon Snowman


This Calgary, Alberta snowman protests his very existence as snow fell even before the autumnal equinox.

Postal Snowman


Keeping the proud tradition of the disgruntled civil service worker alive.

Godzilla Snowman


In Buffalo, New York, Godzilla was giving up carbs for the New Year. He was not giving up cars which are apparently totally allowed in his diet.


Taun Taun Snowman


Amarillo, Texas was blanketed by a Hoth-like snow storm.

Mutant Snowman


Results may vary.

Unexpected Visitor Snowman


“Anybody home?”

Snow Englishman

Verity Armstrong

A Union Jack and St. George's cross show love for the queen and country. 


Snow Hipster

Quinn Dombrowski

He's big on the Chicago scene but you've probably never even heard of him.

Florida Snowman


New Mexico Snowman


So you live in New Mexico and didn't get any snow? You've still got tumbleweeds and a lot of creativity.

Credit: Mental Floss

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