It Took Him 2 Months And Over 18,000 LEGO Bricks To Create This Epic Batcave

Earlier this year, LEGO celebrated the 50th anniversary of the classic 1966 Batman TV series as only LEGO could - with a totally awesome playset! The LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batcave comes with nine different minifigures, two Batpoles for Batman and Robin to slide down from the secret bookcase, Batcomputer, Batmobile, and so, so much more, all for a cool $270. I say that's so worth it, but you try justifying it to my wife (we don't have kids, by the way)!

While that'd be enough for most of us Bat-fans, Dan Glasure felt he needed something a bit more ... epic. In the world of LEGO, there is a sub-genre of sorts called "MOC" (My Own Creation, pronounced "mock"), which are LEGO creations designed and built without the use of instructions. Dan decided to make a Batcave MOC which drew inspiration from the various styles and renovations it has seen over the years in comics, TV shows, and movies. 

It took him over two months to create this elaborately detailed Batcave, which features elements from nearly all of the Batman movies, TV series, and comics.

It's estimated to have used over 18,000 bricks, though Dan says it's likely even more than that. It's also got lights!

No Batcave could be complete without a Batmobile on a turntable ...

... Or a fully-equipped Batwing.

The armory comes fully stocked, and Nightwing (Dick Grayson, ex-Robin) looks ready for a sparring session.


There's also a lab area, ready to go for the World's Greatest Detective.

Sewer entrance? Check.

Giant dinosaur? Check.

Waterfall with lots of spooky bats? Triple check.

Heck, there's even a vault full of Kryptonite in case Superman starts getting squirrely.

Meanwhile, Batman is hard at work solving crimes on the Batcomputer as Alfred stands faithfully at his side.


But this Batcave doesn't just stop here! It's even got its own Wayne Manor!

That's right, a full Wayne Manor sits atop this incredible Batcave. You would literally have to tear me away from this if I ever got a hold of it.

Dan planned everything out on a computer prior to building.

Dan Glasure, I hereby dub thee "Dan The Man, #1 Batman Fan."

To see more photos, check out Dan's Flickr page here.

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H/T: Gizmodo | Dan Glasure

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