It Was Just A Shoe Caddy. They Turned It Into So Much More!

We all know shoe caddies are great for storing shoes, but with a little creativity and elbow grease, they can be used for SO MUCH MORE.

House overrun with water bottles?

If you're anything like me, you've got way too many bottles and thermoses all over the place. Organize them into a shoe caddy and it'll make things way more efficient and easy to manage!

Indoor Herb Garden

What a creative use for a shoe caddy. Just fill each pocket with some potting soil, add your favorite herbs and a little water, and you'll never have to buy fresh basil at the grocery store again.

Wrap up that wrapping paper

Weddings, birthdays, holidays ... I have so much wrapping paper all over my home that more of it gets crushed than used by the time I actually need it. Cut the bottom two rows of pockets and–voila!–you'll never have that problem again.

Caddied snacks!

Buying lots of fresh fruit is great, but storing it is such a pain. Hang up a fruit caddy in your pantry to save space (mine would just be filled with junk food)

Office space

Those little cubbies on the caddy can be used for anything, even storing all your various office supplies. For more details on this project, check this out!

These toys 'r' up

I know how difficult it is to keep my kids' toys put away. A shoe caddy can be easily adapted to keep their markers, action figures, or yo-yos off the ground.



That tangle of scarves at the bottom of your closet has finally met its match. Just separate each scarf into a separate cubby and you're good to go.

Better homes and caddies

Gardening supplies are such a pain to store. But if you've got a spare shoe caddy around the house, you've got the perfect place for all those shears and gloves.

Where's my underwear?

You'll never have to rifle through a crowded drawer for the right undergarment ever again. Just store them in a clear caddy like this and you'll always find what you need.

Get campy

Before heading out for a fun weekend in the woods, pack up your caddy with all the supplies you'll need and roll it up before you leave the house. When you get your tent pitched, you can just unroll and have all your supplies organized and ready to use!

The number one first aid kit

If you're like me, your medicine cabinet is overflowing with Tylenol, Band-Aids, cough medicine ... everything it takes to keep your kids up and running. Not only does organizing your first aid supplies like this make it easier to store, you can also see what needs to be replaced.

Clean up those cleaning supplies

It takes a lot to keep a home clean. Organize your supplies with a caddy and you can keep them out from under the kitchen sink.


Spray paint storage

You don't have to be Banksy to know you don't want spray paint cans all over your garage. This is a much better way to store them.

Cable caddy

Why bother with a drawer of tangled cords? Keep them separate and easy to grab like this.

Lego storage

You'll never step on another sharp piece of Lego when you give your kids this fun Lego storage unit.

Extra bathroom space

Get your hair dryer and flatiron off your counter and stored safely away.

Car collector

If you're tired of having stuff roll under your feet while driving, try this over the seat organizer.

Which of these are you going to do? Do you have any ideas of your own? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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