Italian Artist Spends Hundreds Of Hours Drawing Hyperrealistic Portraits

Any quality piece of art requires hours of hard work and steadfast dedication. For Italian artist Emanuele Dascanio, one piece can take an entire month to complete.

The incredibly gifted Dascanio spends hundreds of hours crafting his magnificent works of art. At first glance, his hyperrealistic drawings look more like photographs than hand-drawn illustrations. Dascanio studied classic Renaissance techniques from fellow Italian artist Gianluca Corona. Combining his training with his own personal style, Dascanio blends classical and contemporary styles with charcoal and graphite. Dascanio pours hours upon hours of work into each stunning piece. The artist has spent upwards of 780 hours crafting every little detail in a single drawing. Most of his works focus on a human subject which he illuminates from behind via a single source of light, transforming a blank canvas into a breathtaking portrait.

Check out some of Dascanio's jaw-dropping illustrations below:



Watch the video below to see Dascanio at work:

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H/T: Bored Panda | Emanuele Dascanio

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