It's An Overgrown Mess Now, But How He Transforms This Outdoor Space Is Seriously Impressive

Reddit user My_DIY_Account recently shared something really cool. With a pretty large space in his backyard that was going unused, he decided to finally do something with it. After contemplating building a parking space, he decided to create a surprise for his wife instead.

This is what the space looked like before. It was covered in wild grape vines and other weeds, so removing that would be the first step.

The overgrowth is gone, and six posts made from Douglas fir are stuck into the ground.

He created a little Venetian-blind design for privacy.

This also allows air to pass through, instead of blocking it out completely.


It's starting to take shape.

He placed some cedar over the fenceposts to make everything blend together.

After that, some stain and Waterlox sealer was used to make sure will stay beautiful for a good long while.

The fence looked great, but that was just the beginning.

First, he made sure the ground was even. He dug small trenches and set up deck blocks.


Next came laying the base.

Finally put together. To make sure it was strong, he had 20 people stand on it at once.

Staining makes it looks so much better and it blends in with the fence.

The finished project looks stunning. His wife was out of town so she was in for a pleasant surprise.

The dog definitely likes it.

Via: Sliptalk | My_DIY_Account

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