It's Been Almost 50 Years, And This Former Miss Universe Is Still Stunning.

Apasra Hongsakula was a beautiful young girl who had the honor of representing her country of Thailand in the Miss Universe competition in 1965. She made history by becoming the first Thai woman to win the title. It’s hard to believe it, but nearly 50 years later she still looks like she could win the crown a second time.

Don’t believe me? Check out these recent photos of Hongsakula at her present age of 67. She looks like she’s barely aged a day.

When she won the crown in 1965, Apasra was the first Miss Universe from Thailand, and only the second ever from Asia.

When people saw her latest photos (shown on the right), there were all kinds of rumors about plastic surgery.


Her representatives say that the only change she’s made to her beauty regime over the years is straightening her naturally wavy hair.

There’s definitely more to it than just straightening hair, though. I’d love to get her beauty secrets.

The most difficult part to believe is that she’s a great grandmother. Apasra now runs a spa. One look at her and you better believe I’m booking the next available appointment.

Credit: Elite Daily | ViralNova

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