It's Just A Hole In The Ground Now, But This Is The Beginning Of A Pizza-Lover's Dream Come True

How much do you love pizza? The biggest pizza lovers I know eat it 5 times a week. That's a pretty serious addiction in my opinion. But that seems like nothing after seeing what this guy did.

This man loved fresh, hot-from-the-oven pizza so much that he decided to build his own wood-fired stone hearth in his backyard. And it wasn't a small job either. Just look at the dedication and work he put in to make it absolutely perfect.

He began by digging out a perfectly cut patch of grass.

Setting the foundation took time, but it had to be just right.

Time to build the walls.


Next comes the top of the oven.

Special heat-proof tiles were also installed. 

Cutting bricks is easy with the right tools.

Aligning them perfectly was the tough part.

He cleverly used sand to maintain the shape of the dome while the bricks were added. 


Finally taking shape. Almost done!

Testing it out for the first time.

It’s... beautiful...

Perfection. It was all worth it. Goodbye, delivery. 

Credit: Dose | peteinakl

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