It's Time To Deep Clean Your Keurig - Here's How To Do It

With coffee's consumption being so popular, recent decades have seen the brewing process become simpler and much more convenient. Most recently, the advent of single-serving brew systems has made products like Keurig and Tassimo a common sight in many homes.

These types of coffee makers are incredibly convenient as there's so much less cleanup and hassle to get your daily cup o' joe, but that doesn't mean the machines don't need cleaning now and then. You'd be surprised just how much gunk can build up on those internal parts over time. This doesn't just make your machine run worse, it also makes your coffee taste funky, and nobody needs that! 

Thankfully, as this video shows, doing a deep clean of your Keurig machine isn't nearly as complicated as you may have thought.

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H/T: ASimplySimpleLife

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