It's Unbelievable How This Silo Transformed Into The Most Beautiful Space I've Ever Seen.

The Garfield Historical District of downtown Phoenix, Arizona is known for its historic bungalows, some of them dating back to the 1880s. There are still a couple of relics from its agricultural past, like this silo that architect Christoph Kaiser purchased from a Kansas farmer and transformed into a brilliant modern home.

At first, the silo doesn't seem like much to work with. It's a 1955 corrugated steel cylinder with no windows and only 340 square feet of space. Not only that, but the round cylindrical shape of the silo presents some serious design challenges in converting it to a two-story home.

But the challenge was certainly accepted and the result is a gorgeously open contemporary home. The large opening invites light, warm summer air and visitors from a seamless outdoor patio space.


A walnut interior adds warmth that contrasts with the steel exterior, a motif that continues throughout the home, certainly present in the spiral staircase.

The lofted upstairs bedroom benefits from a two-story window that spills light over both floors. The oculus at the top was converted to a retractable skylight to let even more natural light-- and starry nights-- into the home.

The curved walls add a sense of modernity and sleekness, especially in the white vintage-tiled bathroom.


A bounty of vegetables grow in the ample backyard garden. Retractable doors and fully opening windows blur the lines between the indoor and outdoor space of this eco-friendly home.

Credit: Dwell | Tiny House for Us

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