Japan Just Created A Line Of Miniature Furniture Just For Cats

Every good pet owner loves ensuring that their kitty is as comfortable as possible. Usually, this means having a couple of different cat beds or blankets laying around the house. Now, homeowners can have their furry friends lounge in style without the messy eyesore of blankets and beds everywhere.

As part of a larger effort to revive the dying craft industry in Japan's Fukuoka prefecture, a company called Okawa Kagu has created a line of craftsman-made furniture designed just for cats. The line takes existing, full-scale furniture designs and shrinks them down to make high-quality miniatures that will please even the most fickle feline.

Currently, the collection is comprised of a pine wood sofa made by Hiromatsu Furniture, and a dark wood cat bed by Tateno Mokuzai.

Japan's Okawa Kagu has created a line of high-quality furniture for cats.

The collection purr-fectly downsizes existing furniture designs.

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H/T: My Modern Met | Okawa Kagu

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