Japan's Latest Quirky Trend Involves Embarrassed Daughters Next To Their Ecstatic Dads

Apr 5, 2015

Here's a new trend that's proving once again that if you want to find that perfect intersection between wacky and adorable, you need only to look towards Japan.

We're not really sure how or why this got started, but Japanese photographer Yuki Aoyama has come out with a series of photos of dads jumping next to their daughters. The series has been published in a book whose title roughly translates to "Daughter and Salaryman."

Super-Flexible Dad

The term "salaryman" is used in Japan to refer to someone whose income is salary-based, primarily office and corporate workers. After WWII it was seen as a gateway to the stability of middle-class life, but now often means someone who has very little upward mobility or prestige and is basically an office drone.

Yuki created this series to show that the humble salaryman can still find joy through his children and also to put them in a triumphant, jumping position to glorify them as the unsung heroes she sees them as.

Blown-Away Dad


"Tough Guy" Dad (we know you're really a teddy bear)

Pensive Dad

Fiesta Dad, Ole!

Playing-Aerial-Pattycakes Dad

Exuberant Dad

Touch-Your-Toes Dad


"High Five, Brah" Dad

Give-Peace-A-Chance Dad

Hailing-Cabs-While-Olympic-Hurdling Dad

Dad Jumping With An Invisible Friend

You can check out more of Yuki's photography here.

Credit: Metro (UK) | Yûki Aoyama

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