JetBlue Offered A Flight Full Of Strangers A Free Trip ... But Only If They ALL Agree On The Destination

Mar 10, 2016

We generally try to stay well clear of politics here at Wimp, because we've found that people's passions can sometimes get a little out of hand. That being said, it's pretty obvious to just about anyone in this country that politics have us divided like never before. The differences between red and blue states (and the voters living in them) seem to grow bigger every single day, while civil discourse is at an all-time low. It's enough to make you wonder if people can agree on anything anymore!

In order to demonstrate that people are still capable of working together, JetBlue decided to try an interesting social experiment on one of their flights recently. All 150 passengers of flight 603 were told that they would be given a free ticket to anywhere that JetBlue flies to. There was just one catch, however - they were all going to the same place, so they needed to come to a unanimous decision. Led by a representative from the company, the passengers then went through a series of votes to determine their location.

First up, they chose to fly somewhere international by a pretty overwhelming majority. As one passenger said, "You gotta get out of the country at least once in your life." Next up, they chose between the various international destinations serviced by JetBlue. The two most popular choices were Costa Rica and Turk and Caicos, which is where the process really intensified for a while as each side tried to convince the other of the merits of their choice. Ultimately, through patient dialogue and a willingness to compromise, they made their decision.

H/T: JetBlue

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