Just Outside The City Is This Massive 300ft Wall, But What Makes It So Unique Is What Is On It

Just outside of Bolivia’s capital city of Sucre, this gigantic 300-foot wall stands as a testament to prehistoric life. Known as Cal Orko, this cliff is essentially a single massive slab of limestone, but what makes it truly unique is that the entire face of the rock formation is covered with dinosaur tracks.

These impressive tracks were formed over 68 million years ago and were made by at least eight different species of dinosaurs. It is extremely rare to see such a high volume of well-preserved footprints in a single area, so the location has become a great tourist destination for those visiting the city.

Ramon Kristian Arellano

Cal Orko is actually located on land that is being used as a limestone quarry by Fancesa, a Bolivian cement factory, though the face of the wall itself will never be touched. Funnily enough, it was actually miners that first discovered the footprints in 1985.



It’s kind of amazing how it looks like nature wanted to put these footprints on display for all to see.

Carsten Drossel

The tracks were originally formed along what was once a shoreline and, due to the special climate conditions that affected the area, eventually the earth was transformed into limestone.

Gerardo Diego Ontiveros

The face of the cliff contains over 460 trails made by individual dinosaurs.

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The single sheet of limestone was eventually propped up as a cliff due to shifting tectonic plate activity over millions of years.

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Jerry Daykin

Near the top of the hill is a museum called Parque Cretácico that is home to 24 life-sized dinosaur models and several exhibits. The museum opened in 2006 and its main attraction remains as a viewing platform from atop the 500-foot rock face.

Vincent Poulissen

There are over 5,000 individual footprints covering the rock.

Jerry Daykin

Credit: Twisted Sifter

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