Keep Cut Vegetables Crisp For Days

You buy ingredients for salad at the grocery store, fully intending to make some healthy food. You even chop the lettuce and vegetables to get them ready to be tossed together for a quick meal on the go. But then, a few days later your lettuce is wilted and your vegetables are limp. Why is that?

Moisture, natural gas, and the process of chopping the vegetables hastens decomposition. But, with a few clever tips you can keep those ingredients fresh and stop throwing money in the trash.



Cucumbers are great when they're fresh and crisp. But when they turn to mush ... no thanks. To keep your cucumbers crisp longer, cut them into 1/4 inch slices. Stack them in a container and put a paper towel on top before sealing with a lid. Store the container upside down to soak up moisture.



To keep your chopped bell peppers fresh, use a very sharp knife. Dull knives damage the surface of the pepper. Remove the seeds and stem, then cut into slices, chunks, or a rough chop. Wrap the peppers in a paper towel and place them into a bowl with a 1/2 inch of cold water. This will keep your bell peppers crisp for up to a week.


The Kitchn

Skip the baby carrots and save some money in the kitchen. Buy full-sized carrots and trim off all of the green at the top. Place them into a bowl of water and they'll keep for several weeks.


The Kitchn

The Kitchn tested three ways of keeping lettuce fresh in the refrigerator. The first method was storing them in rolled paper towels in a plastic bag. The second method was storing them in a plastic container with a paper towel. The final method was to store them in a produce bag with a little air. 

After one week, all three methods produced similar results. After 10 days, method 2 was deemed the most effective. Line the container with paper towels and then with the lettuce. Make sure not to pack them in. The container prevents bruising and allows some air flow to keep lettuce green.

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