Kids Are The Weirdest Things In Existence And These Pictures Prove It

Childhood is pretty weird if you think about it. You're thrown into the world and then left pretty much to figure it out by yourself. Sure, your parents try and help with that, but most of the time, it's really down to you.

These children were obviously feeling the strain of this learning curve because their behavior is downright peculiar.

It's also cute, endearing and hilarious. So, we invite you to join us as we take a walk on the wild side of childhood imagination and see where it leads us. There will be laughter, we promise you. Come see.

1. The Budding Linguist


We're actually quite impressed that this little boy decided to write to his cat in its own language. He has a bright future ahead of him.

2. Learning The Hard Way


Much of a child's learning is a process of trial and error, and to an outside observer, that can be very funny indeed. We love this shot.

3. Embracing Her Dark Side


This young lady has obviously been reading too many horror novels. We admire her chutzpah at becoming the devil, but urge her parents to give her more cuddles.

4. The Accidental Hitler


All it takes is a single false eyelash to turn your four-year-old daughter into a would-be invader of Poland. Bless her heart.


5. He's Trying To Tell You Something


When you come home and find your son dressed like this, it's probably time to have a little talk with him about how society works.

6. The Boy Cat


This mom said, "I heard my son making weird cat noises. Found him here..." we're not sure that we have much to add to that.

7. Being Cold On The Toilet Is No Fun At All


"My friend is potty training her kid. This is how she poops when she's cold," one perturbed onlooker reported to the folks on Reddit.

8. The Creepiest Tea Party Ever


Oh life, we don't even know how she's not screaming. We're screaming and we're not even in the same room as those things. We salute you, little girl.

9. That Bizarre Urge To Scare Your Parents To Death


Yes, we can see how this might freak your parents out completely. It's not a spider tea party or anything, but still, please don't do this.

10. The Natural Born Salesman


We think this lad may be P.T. Barnum reincarnated. He's certainly aware that there's "one born every minute" and he's happy to position himself to benefit from it too.


11. This Is What Those Outlet Caps Are For


Yup, those outlet caps seem like a smart investment to protect the little ones, until you find your son trying to lick them. Now you're going to need outlet caps for your outlet caps.

12. The Monster Is Me


Children can be incredibly creative when given the freedom to express themselves. That doesn't mean that their creativity will always be societally acceptable, but that's OK.

13. Shark Tunes Are Awesome


We like that a little boy took time out of his day to make his pet plastic shark happy. The shark seems to like it, too - check out that grin!

14. The Box Is Always Best


The most important lesson of adulthood is discovering children prefer boxes to toys. This makes Christmas present shopping much, much cheaper than you'd think. 

15. Getting Ready For Work


In fairness to this young lad, we'd like to do our yard work dressed however want as well. Might as well live a little when you're young, right?

Kids are so amazing. They can be so creative and so funny without even trying. 

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