Kids Have The Darndest Life Goals

Being a kid is quite possibly the best time of your life. Sure, as an adult I get the freedom to choose ice cream for breakfast, but that would just leave me sluggish for a long day at work. Kids may feel like they're stuck under an endless barrage of rules sometimes, but the truth is that the world is their oyster and they still have plenty of time to do whatever they want with their lives.

A big part of growing up is having adults constantly asking you what you want to be when you grow up. I think it's partly because as adults, we're a little jealous of the fact that a kid can answer that question with virtually anything and it's still in the realm of possibility. My chances of being an astronaut are astronomically low at age 29, but who's to say my seven-year-old nephew can't? If he studies hard, exercises regularly, and eventually joins the Air Force, it's entirely possible that he could go to space some day.

Some kids, however, have answers that are pretty far off the conventional path. What do you say to a kid who wants to grow up to be a mailbox? Not a postal worker, mind you, but the actual mailbox itself! Kids have a history of saying the darndest things, and answering what they want to be when they grow up is no exception. Here are 15 examples of kids with adorably hilarious life goals.

1. Might need to work out a few more steps between goals two and three, but it's good to dream big!


2. At least he knows what he wants ...

Bored Panda

Honestly, I'd be more concerned about David.

3. Hopefully, one without any bills in it.

Bored Panda

5. It's important to set goals you feel you can realistically achieve.



6. This kid knows what's up.


7. "Soup is my destiny."


8. Who doesn't?


9. It's not what it looks like ...


This is actually a hilarious true story. The little girl's mother works at Home Depot and customers were in a heated bidding war for the very last snow shovel during a huge blizzard. Yikes!

10. "All the single ladies, all the single ladies ... "


11. He's a man with a plan.



12. I believe in you, kid.


13. You're hired!

Bored Panda

14. Life is all about prioritizing.


15. You and me both, kid. You and me both.


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