Kids On A Playground Stop To Honor Military

May 22, 2016

Memorial Day is fast approaching. This is the time of year when we honor those who have given their lives for the continued freedom of our country. Much has changed since Memorial Day was first celebrated following the Civil War. Many hold different ideals regarding the respect of our armed forces, our flag, and even the Constitution. One thing is clear, however - true patriotism is easy to recognize.

Here, Danielle Davila filmed her children and their friends playing near her home at Marine Corps Air Station New River in Jacksonville, North Carolina. A bugle begins to play 'Retreat,' which signifies the retirement of the Marine Corps colors, and we see that a love for our country is alive and well in these children. 

All five of the friends cease their play and stand quietly at attention, as is the courteous response prescribed. It is truly a moment that should create in each of us a sense of awe. It should bring to mind that we are all part of something bigger, something to which we could proudly pledge our allegiance. These children call us to love what is dear, not only in our homes, but also in our bond together as Americans. 

Whatever your political views, or thoughts on Supreme Court rulings, we all enjoy our freedom as we see fit. It is because of the Marine Corps, and all of our armed forces, that we can have those choices. Let us join with these big-hearted heroes and honor those who serve, who served, and those who gave all to protect our country.

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H/T: Danielle Davila

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