Kids & Their Pets

Anyone who grew up with a pet will tell you that it was an important part of their childhood. Even if you didn't have a pet of your own, interacting with different types of animals is a highlight of the first few years in any kid's life. Pets are perfect for children because they're capable of showing love without any words. Before kids are even able to talk, they learn how to care for another living thing. Their innocence, combined with an animal's fierce loyalty, makes them the perfect pair. Check out these 13 beautiful photos that illustrate the bond between kids and their pets.

1. "What's everyone lookin' at?"

Dejan Klajic

2. The perfect patient.


3. Hang on tight.

Andrey Volobuev

4. When in Rome ...



5. Instead of a crib, buy your baby a bed-sized dog.

Jen Hendricks

6. "You mean to tell me I can shower AND hydrate at the same time?"

Kevin Duffy

7. Just another one of her puppies.

Jarod Knoten

8. "Let me give you a paw with that ..."


9. The most efficient way to carry a cat.



10. One stoic duo.


11. Two slightly different noses.


12. "It looked more comfortable when he was doing it."


13. You've heard of bear hugs, but what about bunny hugs?

Sarah Dupree

Via: Bored Panda

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