Kissing Bugs Carry Disease

Most people don't like bugs. There's a reason we refer to them as pests. Usually you only have to worry about them damaging your home and just being well... gross. But this particular bug is more dangerous.

Thousands of Texans have been exposed to an outbreak of triatoma. Commonly known as "kissing bugs," these little insects are in the news because they carry a deadly parasite-induced infection.

Chagas disease can be deadly.

Texas A&M has been studying the spread of kissing bugs. They've found that the insects don't seem to be multiply too much faster than previous years. So why the sudden outbreak in Texas? It turns out more Texans are relocating to areas with kissing bugs.

Local authorities are trying to deal with the situation as an influx of false positive calls has been taking up resources.

What should you do if you see one?

1. Don't touch the bug.

2. Trap it in a plastic bag or other container.

3. Freeze the container to kill the bug and preserve it.

4. Use bleach on any surface touched by the bug.

5. Take a photo of the bug and look at it closely to ensure it's a kissing bug.

6. Send the photo to TAMU with any pertinent information.

You can report kissing bugs to Texas A&M here.

Watch the video below for more information about kissing bugs.

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H/T: Newsy

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