Kittens Found Trying To Keep Their Sister Safe By Wrapping Themselves Around Her

A litter of three kittens were found huddled up. Two of them were trying to keep their little sister safe by wrapping their bodies around her.

Megan Sorbara was out for ice cream when she got a message about three small kittens that needed help. When she saw the kittens, she knew right away that something was wrong.

The two tabby kittens had huddled up around their little sister, who was shivering. "I felt like they were protecting her," Megan said.

Megan then realized that her brothers were trying to keep her warm and comfortable and that she was unable to walk.

She brought the kittens with her to Naples Cat Alliance, so they could receive treatment, especially for the small white kitten.

"She has a very pronounced head tilt to the left, but she has a very healthy appetite and manages to roll to where she wants to go," Megan said.

They named the two tabbies Pistachio and Praline. Their little sister is now named Coconut. Megan is bottle feeding the kittens every day. In the meantime, the two tabbies are still keeping tabs on their sister.


They’re doing their best to locate the kittens’ mother and getting them reunited.

"We have been back every night trying to get mom but she won't go in the trap," Megan said.

"We have trapped at this location before and she has witnessed everyone else going in, so she is what we call trap shy."

Bitsy, Megan’s dog, is a big fan of cats and has been keeping the kittens close, like a foster mother.

Coconut is getting better with each passing day. "She is getting stronger and is able to hold her head up straighter than even yesterday."

She’s even returning some kisses to Bitsy.


While Megan cares for the kittens, her team is still looking for the mother so they can all be reunited and find a forever home.

"Even now they wrap around Coconut." So adorable!

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