Latvian Artist Creates Amazing, 3D Images On The Covers Of Books

May 15, 2015

The art of bookbinding dates back to ancient India while the Western tradition started somewhere around the fifth century. Early books were almost entirely religious texts and were generally bound in wood or leather. As the church grew in power and wealth, so did the ornateness of the bindings. Today, we have many antique books that are beautifully bound and decorated in all sorts of creative ways.

Now, Latvian artist and designer Aniko Kolesnikova is taking beautifying books to another level. She started out in 2009, and uses polymer clay to sculpt gorgeous nature and fantasy-inspired journals. Check out some of her beautiful work below:



Indian Elephant

Nature’s Footprint



Starry Eyed


Floral Journal


Skull & Roses

The Lighthouse

“I once made two matching journals based on a story, but they were separated by a sale. A year later, the customer bought the second journal, and the two were reunited, just like the characters in the story.”

Blue Dragon

Kolesnikova says that her ideas often come to her as she's laying in bed with her eyes closed, so she runs "to [her] studio to make a few sketches, so [she] can start working in the morning." She also takes custom orders sometimes and also puts up YouTube tutorials, in case you wanted to learn how to work with polymers too. Her work is available for purchase on her Etsy page, and you can also find out more about her through her Facebook page or her website.

Via: Bored Panda | Aniko Kolesnikova

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