Learn How To Make Your Own Cheese In Less Than An Hour

Store-bought foods can be a real convenience, but nothing quite gives you that sense of accomplishment like doing it yourself. Many of us love to eat cheese, but have you ever considered making it? With a few simple steps and ingredients, you can make your own fresh cheese in less than an hour.

You will need to start off with one and a half teaspoons of citric acid powder, a quarter of a tablespoon of vegetable rennet, a gallon of whole milk, and one teaspoon of cheese salt. In one quarter cup of water, dissolve the citric acid powder and do the same for the vegetable rennet using a separate whole cup of water. Pour milk into a stainless steel pot at medium heat and slowly mix in the citric acid. Remember to use a thermometer to keep it all at 88 degrees.

The milk will start to curdle. This is when you add in the vegetable rennet and continue to stir till everything reaches 100 degrees. Once the temperature is reached, cover the pot and turn off the heat. In a separate pot heat up some water to 190 degrees. The curds should start pulling away from the whey at this point, so use a ladle to take the curds out of the water and gently place them into a strainer.

Place the removed curds into the other pot of almost boiling water and let it sit for 5-6 minutes.

Ladel out the cheese from the water.

Portion out your servings. Enjoy!

Via: Just DIY | Thrifty T’s Treasures

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