Learn The Secrets Behind Some Of Your Favorite Magic Tricks

Nov 12, 2015

Magicians are pretty much the coolest people in the world. They get to walk around in ridiculous costumes, hold a beautiful assistant on their arm and carry an array of literal tricks up their sleeve. But if you want to be a magician there’s one unbreakable rule: never, under any circumstances, give away your secret.

Lucky for us there are a few rule breakers out there. We wanted to discover the secret behind some of our favorite illusions, so we dove into our archives. We found sleights of hand and mind-bending illusions from a few of the top magicians in the world all the way down to amateurs filming in their own living room. If you’ve ever looked at a magic trick and wonder how they did it, then this is for you. 

Amazing Magic Trick Gets Revealed To The Audience – February 6, 2009  

Penn & Teller show how they accomplish one of their most famous illusions and it surprisingly has nothing to do with their goofy dance moves.


Interesting Magic Trick From David Copperfield – February 26, 2009  

This David Copperfield magic trick is really just math. No matter what number you chose, you will always end up at the same spot. 

World's Easiest Magic Trick – March 10, 2009  

Here’s a trick you can do yourself, just gather a few required items and you’re guaranteed to impress everyone at your dinner table this Thanksgiving. 


Ball Magic Trick Explained – May 4, 2009 

This one will probably take a little practice to get down, but you can’t expect to be the next David Copperfield without a little bit of practice. 

This Magic Trick Can Only Be Done By A Ninja – August 25, 2015 

All you need is one ninja to pull off this illusion. Just don’t ask us where to find one. 

If you’re hungry for more secrets, you can search through our archives yourself to find tons more illusions. Just remember your response when your family asks how you did it, “it’s magic.”

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