Learn To Transform A Simple Mason Jar Into A Fairy Lantern

For most people, fairies are a thing of magical stories, legends, and folklore. The enchanting tiny creatures are said to flit between the human world and the supernatural one, sometimes making the lives of people easier and other times causing mischief. People sometimes even build fairy gardens to invite the mysterious creatures to dwell nearby. You don't even have to have much space to build the perfect space for the tiny creatures. But what if you're not much of a gardener? Why not try a fairy lantern instead!

Luckily, Nichola Battilana has made making such a sweet lantern as easy as 1-2-3. Part of the reason she's created such a magical tutorial is because she's not just an arts and crafts enthusiast; she's also a firm believer in fairies. Battilana spends her days "sowing the seeds of wonder and delight" at the Pixie Hill Studio, her business in Ontario, Canada. At her studio, she specializes in creating anything that she feels passionate about, although "much of [her] work is inspired by make-believe, magic, folklore, faeries, nonsense, and nature." She sees the world as a place of never-ending mysteries and wants to show people that "the world is abounding with hidden treasures and chocked full of magic. Tiny holes, fallen feathers, and toadstool rings all tell tales of mischief and delight."

Although she's had formal training as an artist and graphic designer, Battilana eschewed making art that others wanted her to make and found her perfect outlet with Pixie Hill Studio. She creates her pieces, runs workshops, and plans an annual fairy tour from her family's historic farmhouse, built in 1883. The "crooked house" that was full of strange, wonderful, and unexpected surprises was part of what inspired her "to recreate the enchantment for others through [her] artwork."

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H/T: Nichola Battilana

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