Lego Friends With A TV Twist

Feb 1, 2015

Jon Lazar goes by the moniker, JustJon on most of his social media accounts, as well as his website. However, Jon is not "just Jon" by any means, as he is a modern-day Renaissance man. By his own admission, Jon is an author, artist, Lego builder, gamer, and more. He has written a book about computer coding, another on Lego building, and most recently, released images of Lego friends that he created.

This is not the first time Jon has used Lego's as his art, but this round of characters are based on TV and movie favorites, and feature characters from “Doctor Who,” “Indiana Jones,” “The Hunger Games,” and even “The Walking Dead.”


“Indiana Jones”


The Walking Dead 

Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games 

Photos by Jon Lazar

Credit: Laughing Squid

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