Leopard Seal Adopts Photographer

Photographer Paul Nicklen is a dedicated fellow. His particular specialty results in him regularly looking like human popsicle. This may have been why a leopard seal nearly made a lunch out of him on one particular assignment. Most people try and keep a safe distance from large, dangerous animals, but Paul gets many of his shots by getting right into the icy water with his subjects. The icy water where they are much better at swimming than any human.

Meet the human popsicle.

And some of his incredible work.

You don’t get shots like these by staying indoors all day, that’s for sure.


I’ve heard narwhals are fairly nice, but I’d still be freaked out getting this close to them.

But it was one particular shoot with a leopard seal that Paul remembers vividly.

It went straight for him. It grabbed hold of both his camera and his head in its enormous mouth.

Paul was scared, but couldn’t do much about it. Suddenly, the leopard seal stopped, and its attitude changed.


Who knows exactly why, but the animal took a liking to Paul and began to bring him gifts in the form of live penguins.

Paul declined, but the seal kept trying to help Paul out during the several days they spent together.

It’s a weird, big world out there, but if one of Antarctica’s most ferocious predators can befriend a wetsuit-clad photographer, anything is possible. 

Via: National Geographic

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