Some People Have An 'M' Symbol In The Palm Of Their Hand. Here's What Some Think It Means.

Palmistry, which is the fancy word for the 'art' of reading palms, is not exactly a science. It's not actually a science at all. We're not exactly sure how much we believe in this sort of thing, but the fact is, we've met some spooky people in our lives who really do seem to have at least some kind of insight beyond what the rest of us can hear, taste, touch, see and smell. Whether they're just particularly intuitive or really do have strange powers is something best left to the experts. We're here to have a little fun.

So, what do all those lines mean, anyway? Well, as you can imagine, the answer is a little complicated. But one major feature to look for is a connected "M" shape in the center of your palm when you hold it out in front of yourself.

According to Jon Saint-Germain, a palmistry practitioner confident enough in his craft to have authored several books on the subject, this shape is a clear indicator of several personality traits, including being a good judge of character.

Or maybe he says that about all his clients, eh?

For more information on this fascinating fringe subject, check out the video.
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