Life After War: Veterans Share Their Stories

Nov 5, 2015

As we go through our everyday lives, it’s easy to take for granted the freedom and opportunities we are provided. This didn’t come free. Generations of men and women sacrificed everything for the sake of those who would come after them. With Veteran’s Day just around the corner, today’s look back through the archives is dedicated to the brave souls who have fought for future generations.

From World War II to those still fighting today, every veteran deserves our gratitude and support. The Wimp archives contain veterans of all types sharing their stories and making a positive impact on the world. Take some time to enjoy the stories of these heroes and everything they have given to us.

Man Recounts A Remarkable Experience He Had In WWII – August 29, 2010 

Jack Leroy Tueller shares a haunting and beautiful story of an encounter he had with an enemy soldier. 


86-Year-Old Veteran Sniper Still Has Perfect Aim – March 4, 2011

Ted Gundy proves that shooting a rifle is like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it.  

WWII Veteran Scores Touchdown At Alumni Football Game – May 2, 2015

WWII vet Bryan Sperry shows some young kids a thing or two about how to play football. The joy on his face will melt your heart. 


Preschooler And Veteran Neighbor Become Fast Friends – July 11, 2014 

You’re never too old to make new friends, or race tractors.

Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones – June 7, 2010  

The pain of being separated from family can be unbearable. But the raw emotion displayed here shows just how loved these men and women are.

Returning from conflict and readjusting to normal life is a harrowing process that many veterans struggle with. This Veteran’s Day you can do your part to help by supporting one of the many organizations seeking to solve this problem, or by simply saying thank you to someone in your life who has served.

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