Life Expectancy Might Not Be An Exact Science, But These 13 Tips Could Help You Get To Age 100

If you're shooting to have as many birthday candles on that cake as humanly possible, you're probably already doing the standard stuff: eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, skipping the smokes and drinks. But new research says there are a couple more things you can do to improve your longevity and some of them might surprise you.

1. Smile. Optimists live longer.


A positive outlook is not only instrumental in healing from an injury or sickness but it also means less stress and healthier immune systems. 

2. Never skip leg day.


A strong lower body helps with endurance, balance and strength, helping prevent slips and falls.

3. Keep your friends close.


Good friends act as a defense system against stress, releasing endorphins and putting your body at ease.

4. You're at an advantage if you were born to a younger mom.


If your mom had you before age 25, your chance of making it to 100 doubles.


5. Keep to a cleaning schedule.


By doing your own housecleaning, you not only stay consistently active, but you also reap the benefits of a germ-free home.

6. Stay in school.


The more education you have, the less likely you are to take part in risky life-shoterning behaviors.

7. Keep your New Year's resolutions.


Self-discipline and working toward goals will give you a longer life than complacency.

8. Embrace the purple.


Dark grapes, blueberries and other purple foods contain polyphenols, which help to fight against heart disease.

9. Reach for a healthy weight.


The earlier you set healthy habits, the more likely they'll carry over into your twilight years.


10. Take time for tea.


Some studies believe that Japan's long life expectancy has something to do with their tea consumption. Black and green teas contain heart disease fighting catechins.

11. Take a quick walk.


People who walk for 30 minutes a day live four times as long as their sedentary counterparts.

12. Back off the soda.


Even diet soda can raise the risk of diabetes, heart disease, weight gain and depression.

13. You have healthy friends.


Surround yourself with fit, healthy, active people and you're more likely to step up your game.

Credit: Viral Nova

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