Life Hacks That'll Make Every Parent's Life So Much Easier

It's never easy being a parent. There's just so much to do and so little time to do it in.

Modern life keeps demanding more and more from you, but you feel like you have less to give. Well, we've got some great news for parents everywhere. We can't free up all your time, but we can make life much easier for you.

Even better, we can make life much easier for you without you having to spend very much money, because we know money is as tight as your time.

We've found the greatest life hacks from around the world to make your kids safer, happier and healthier. Check them out, you'll be so glad that you did.

1. Call Home Child Safety Bracelet


If you're worried about your child wandering off when your attention is elsewhere, make sure they can find you by giving them a bracelet with your number on it.

2. No Slip Slipper Grips

Maybe Matilda

This is really easy to do, just apply some hot glue to the base of your child's slippers (or socks) and you'll find that it's much harder to slip in them.

3. Help Measure Out Toilet Paper Usage

Healthy Way

If your kids are always using too much toilet paper, you can always put a marker guide on the wall to help them work out how much is enough.


4. No-Lock Doors Stop Kids From Being Shut In

The Shortcut Mom

Removing the locks from doors is hard work and you don't need to. You can always use an elastic band (as shown here) to keep the lock retracted and make it easy for children to leave a room.

5. Securely Cover The Crib When Outside

Sheldon's Fans

Nobody likes seeing their baby with sunburn and bug bites, but going outside is nice. So, the trick is to cover their crib with a fitted sheet which prevents harm but allows them to get fresh air.

6. Keep Straws In The Drink And Mess To A Minimum

Odd Stuff Magazine

When children are on long car journeys, you can stop them spraying drink all over the car by putting upside down crazy straws in their drink cups. The straws can't be pulled out then.

7. Help Your Babysitter Out


Give your babysitter enough info to get the job done right by having a quick reference sheet handy. You can use this template if you like.

8. Lengthen The Spout On Your Sink

Sheldon's Fans

You can cut up a lotion bottle to extend the spout on the sink for the smallest members of the family to be able to wash their hands easily.

9. Monster Spray Keeps Monsters At Bay


A fear of monsters is very real when you are young. Keep your kids certain that you're on top of things by making some "monster spray" to clear out under the bed.


10. Portion Cups Keep Pacifiers Clean


Portion cups are the perfect way to store clean pacifiers until they're needed. Otherwise, it's a nightmare keeping them clean in your handbag.

11. Stop Wasting So Much Lotion

Tight Wad Moms

Children can often use way too much lotion because it's there. If you put an elastic band on the neck of the dispenser, you can reduce how much comes out with one push.

12. Get Glitter Out Of Your Things

Faith Tap

Children will always be happy to play with glitter but it is a nightmare to clean up. You can, however, use a lint roller to get it out of hard to clean places.

13. Stickers Help Separate Shoes

One Creative Housewife

By using a sticker in the base of each shoe, it can make it much easier for a small child to work out which one goes on which foot.

14. Don't Fall Out Of Bed With Pool Noodles


If you think your little one might fall out of bed during the night, you can make some simple safety barriers out of pool noodles.

15. Tattoo Your Child For Safety!


There's no ink involved with Tottoos. You just place the temporary tattoo on your child and they'll always be able to call home! 

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