Light Up Your Night With These Dramatic DIY Hanging Lamps

Adding a statement lamp is a brilliant way to add dramatic flair to a ho-hum room. It's especially great if you're decorating for someone with ever-changing tastes (ahem, teenagers) or are limited by a rental agreement. What's better yet, many of these lamps use what's called up-cycling: taking something you'd normally throw out and giving it a new life in an art project.  

1. When the sun goes down and the lights go on, this chandelier transforms your room into a forest.

Thyra Hilden & Pio Diaz

2. These cupcake holders became a paper lantern that's anything but chintzy.

3. Real gummy bears might melt, but acrylic gummy bears will do just fine in this sweet chandelier.

Kevin Champeny

4. You'd never guess this classy chandelier was made of just plastic gallon jugs and plastic spoons.

Yaroslav Olenev

5. This drum kit converted into hanging lights is sure to spark conversation.


6. Teacup lights add a delightful whimsy in a gentle string light.

Gregory Bonasera

7. Celebrate the fall by transforming this gorgeous gourd into a romantic mood lamp.



8. Spare bike parts come together in a fantastical orb chandelier.

Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

9. These delightful thrift shop hats make a theatrical spotlight.

Jeeves & Wooster

10. This ladylike lace pendant light is perfect for crafting with children.

Isabelle Mcallister

11. This simple cloud cutout lamp adds a muted magical touch to this plain wall.


12. Hanging wine bottles come together in a multi-colored pendant light.

Chris Weylandt

13. These cheese graters pull double duty as patterned hanging lights.

14. Used or mismatched silverware finds a new life as fanciful string lights.

Francois Legault

15. How fun would this hanger chandelier be for a fashionista's bedroom?

Natalie Sampson


16. It's a world of wonder with these glowing globes lighting the way.

Benoît Vieubled

17. A huge balloon or workout ball, some glue and twine are all you need for this elegantly unique lantern.


18. This sharp paper lamp adds a serious edge, but you'd never guess it's just scraps of paper and super glue.

Gabrielle Guy |

19. If you have soda can tabs and a lot of patience, you can build this silver lamp.

20. Cut off the bottoms of plastic bottles and you'll find a wonderful sheer flower shape. String them together and nobody would ever have a clue what this chandelier is made of. |

21. Not only does this simple carton hanging pendent look like a million bucks, but the geometric patterns act like modern wallpaper, even for renters.

Ed Chew

Have you ever transformed an everyday object into a work of art? 

Credit: Bored Panda

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