Lioness Defends A Helpless Baby Fox From A Hungry Lion

Lions are the king of the jungle - an apex predator whom any other animal would be wise to think twice before crossing. They are the perfect blend of speed, strength and raw power. They're also highly intelligent and work strategically to take down their prey. In short, lions are one of nature's most perfect killing machines. 

That's why when a lioness in Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve came across an injured baby bat-eared fox, everyone feared the worst. What happened next is truly incredible.

A lioness saw this injured baby fox in the road. Understandably, the poor fox was totally frozen with fear.

It got even worse when a hungry male lion saw them and came sniffing around for an easy meal.

This little guy seemed pretty doomed.


But when the lion tried to go in for the kill ... 

... The lioness stepped in to protect the infant fox.

She told the lion to back off in no uncertain terms!


The lion wasn't happy about it, but he backed off.


The lioness then went back to caring for the babies.

Once he was able to get up, the fox quickly scurried away to safety.

Via: Boredom Therapy

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