Little Boy Has A Conversation With Wild Turkeys

Apr 9, 2016

"Talking turkey" is a popular idiom, but this kid is taking it to a whole other level. While he and his mom are outside one day, they happen to see some wild turkeys down the road. The little boy decides to try to communicate with the gobbling turkeys, and surprisingly, they seem to respond! There's a whole "conversation" between the two in this clip, and it really, really makes me wish I had a turkey translator so I could know what was said.

The phrase "talking turkey" or "to talk turkey" is a uniquely American expression that generally means to get down to business and talk about whatever relevant matters need discussion. During a negotiation, for instance, you may hear one party tell the other, "Don't come back until you're ready to talk turkey!" So where did this odd phrase come from? 

There are several competing stories, but expert Michael Quinion at World Wide Words seems to think that the most likely origin was during the days of the early European settlers. Many of the contacts between settlers and Native Americans revolved around the purchase and sale of wild turkeys, to an extent that when Natives saw a European settler approaching, they would ask, "You come to talk turkey?" Another popular story is that a colonist and a Native went hunting together and bagged 4 turkeys and 4 crows. While splitting up the catch, the colonist gave himself all the turkeys and proposed the Native take all the crows. Understandably, the Native protested and remarked "you talk all turkey for you, only talk crow for Indian." 

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