Little Dachshund Who Isn't Allowed On The Bed Gets Caught Red-Handed By A Hidden Camera

Remember when you were a little kid and jumping on the bed was one of the most fun things to do, ever? Your parents probably told you to quit it... so you just did it when they weren't looking! Somehow, the things that Mom and Dad said not to do are always the things that were the most fun, weren't they?

Kids aren't the only ones who do this, however. Dogs get in on the act, too! Take this little Dachshund puppy named Pepper, for instance. He knows full well he isn't allowed on the bed, but he does it anyway whenever he thinks his human isn't looking. This time, though, he's caught red-handed in a hidden camera sting operation!

He zips around the bed in circles, clearly taking great delight in his little crime spree. The look on his face says it all. Halfway through, his friend Margo makes a cameo and joins him up there, along with her favorite plush toy. This is just too dang cute!

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H/T: Always Hungry Cat

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