Little Girl Bitten By Deadly Snake At Daycare

When you drop your kids off at daycare, you want to feel that they’re safe from every possible calamity that could possibly befall them, from fire hazards to negligent staff to rough-housing children. The Cook family, in Grandbury, Texas, faced a terrifying ordeal that they never could've foreseen when their two-year-old daughter, Kiley, was bitten by a deadly snake at her daycare's playground.

Cook Children’s Hospital, in Fort Worth, Texas, reports that they treat around 17 to 25 children every year for snake bites. Last May, Kiley Cook unwittingly became one of them. While playing with her friends on the playground she felt a sharp pain in her hand and looked down to find a copperhead snake with its fangs dug into her skin. Over the next 24 hours, she and her family went through what can only be described as a nightmare. She was immediately taken to the ER, where doctors worked to get rid of the poison and the gruesome swelling that caused her whole arm to turn nearly black and balloon in size.

The daycare says they will take special measures to ensure the children’s safety from now on, such as combing the playground for venomous snakes every day before recess. This video from the local news describes in graphic detail just what Kiley and her horrified parents went through.

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H/T: Pilex

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