Little Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To Hearing Grandma Say A "Bad Word"

Little Josephine is affectionately known by her family as "Josie the D.I.T." - Diva In Training. Her father, Eric Palonen, regularly uploads videos of her to YouTube, where her hilarious antics have garnered over 7,000 subscribers. Josie's most popular clip is of her singing "Old MacDonald Had A Farm," which has just under 9 million views. My personal favorite, however, has got to be the clip below.

Here, we see Josie in the middle of a miniature tirade against the people she feels have wronged her. Her grandma apparently said a "bad word," and as a result, she refuses to talk to her. "I'm really upset!" she exclaims to the camera, and she's not kidding.

She's not done either, because this kid's got big plans to remain upset. "When my mommy and daddy pick me up, I'm gonna tell them," she explains. "And right away, I'm gonna go home, take a rest, and then I'm gonna be upset." Oh well, at least she's planning and organizing her time, right?

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H/T: Eric Palonen

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