Little Girl Sings Funny Nursery Rhyme

It’s so easy to get lost on social media. You sit down to scroll a little bit through YouTube and before you know it, two hours have ticked by. So many cute videos, so little time. Fortunately for you, we’re always on the hunt for the best of the best so you don’t have to.

In this video, a sweet, clever little 23-month-old girl named Josie sings her version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” and it's absolutely hilarious.

As her father films her, Josie confidently begins her performance. After a few seconds, it’s clear that this isn’t this little superstar’s first rodeo. She even has props to go along with her song!

As you watch the video, remember that little Josie isn’t even two years old yet. Look out Simon Cowell, here’s your next contestant.

Make sure to watch for Josie’s big finish. Her dad asks her what the name of the song is and her answer is priceless.

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H/T: Eric Palonen

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