Little Girl Thinks This Bride Is The Princess In Her Book, Bride Plays Along

Getting to write about stories like this one are the whole reason I do what I do. This one comes to us courtesy of Scott Robertson, known on Imgur as Skizzotrobzface. As he was taking some wedding photos with his beautiful bride-to-be last year, their shoot was interrupted by the cutest wedding crasher ever.

A toddler who was walking by the scene of the photoshoot with her mom saw the bride and became instantly entranced - she thought the bride was the princess from her book come to life. Be warned: these photos are so sweet, you may get a toothache.


Robertson uploaded photos of the encounter to Imgur, along with the following caption:

My wife and I got married last February, and during the photo shoot this little girl and her mom happened to be walking by. The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she's holding) #Wedding #bride


So how'd the bride react to all this? Like a true princess, she played along of course, and even gave the little girl a flower out of her bouquet.

The feeling when a princess hands you a flower:

The bride then invited the girl to participate in the photo shoot, because that's just what princesses do.


Got a serious case of the feels? I know, me too.

The photos have, understandably, gone viral since Robertson shared them with Imgur. Here's wishing the couple the ending all princesses get - a long and happy forever after.

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H/T: Someecards | Skizzotrobzface

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