Little Girl With Cancer Has A Pretend Wedding

For patients suffering from leukemia, the simplest of day-to-day activities can be an incredibly risky endeavor. Because this form of cancer originates in the bone marrow, the patient’s blood is significantly altered. The result is a much higher number of white blood cells, and these cells are typically dysfunctional. What this usually means for most patients is that they are very easy to bruise, have low amounts of energy, and are at an increased risk of fever, infection and uncontrolled bleeding.

For 4-year-old Abby Sayles, living with leukemia hasn't been the easiest thing to endure. Thankfully, she has a wonderful family looking after her in addition to a pediatric nurse that has come to mean the world to her.

Matt Hickling is a 29-year-old pediatric nurse at Albany Medical Center. He takes care of many patients throughout the week, including Abby Sayles.

Matt often sees patients that are feeling down because their conditions often mean that they have very different lifestyles from other kids.

One day, Abby found out that her uncle was getting married and she wanted to do the same. The person she envisioned getting married to was none other than her nurse, Matt.


For Matt, going out of his way to make these patients feel better is just part of the job. So he happily agreed.

It was decided that the fake wedding would be held at the hospital, and they both dressed for the occasion.

After sharing some cake, they both exchanged candy rings.

Even some of the other staff members joined in on the fun.

Matt even prepared by buying Abby a special car for their wedding.


Something as simple as this can do wonders in raising a child's spirits.

After receiving more treatment and maintaining a positive attitude, Abby is now in remission.

All signs are looking good and neither Abby nor Matt could be any happier about the news.

Via: Aunty Acid | Matt Hickling

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