Little Girl With Prosthesis Gets Doll That's Like Her

Courtney and her husband wanted to do something special for their daughter, Emma. Emma has a prosthetic leg and there are not many dolls on the market that have that in common with her. Emma's parents went to Step Ahead Prosthetics who created a special doll for Emma and shipped it across the country to her. 

Emma's mom posted a clip that's now going wildly viral. The video shows the moment when Emma's little sister gives her a box. Emma opens the box and is shocked by what she discovers. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me, it has a leg like me!” she says. When Emma's sister reads a letter that explains the doll's backstory... no one can withhold their tears.

You're going to need tissues for this one. Watch the magical moment below.

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H/T: Courtney Fletcher Bennett | LittleThings

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