Little Kid DESTROYS The Banjo

Some people seem to have an inherent understanding of music, a natural talent that is difficult to acquire through hard work alone. Even with this gift, many musicians live long, difficult years in poverty, struggling to make money from their art. Sleepy Man Banjo Boys were lucky enough to avoid this unfortunate fate. They just put out a new CD featuring swinging, arpeggiated bluegrass. The surprising part is that the band is made up of kids. The lead banjo is only 9 years old.

Appearing on the David Letterman show, Dave mentioned how they couldn't legally drive, but had just released a new CD. When you see the band play, you won't believe how young they are. But when they start playing, the audience can't believe it. 

Watch their incredible performance below and tell us what you think in the comments!

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H/T: Sleepy Man | AWM

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