Little Skater Girl Amazes Crowd At A Competition

Mar 11, 2016

Three years old might seem like a pretty early time to stick your kid in ice skates and a figure-skating dress with a hilariously danceable rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” playing in the background. After all, age three is just about when kids are mastering concepts like walking up and down stairs by themselves. Athletic activities of any kind are pretty awkward until kids hit about age five. Yet, it turns out there are some of us who can handle the challenge of balancing on thin, razor-sharp metal blades at a time when most of us are still improving our skills at balancing on our own two legs.

In fact, getting your kids into activities like skating can help improve balance and agility, and if you live in an area where hockey is popular, it can even give your kids a leg up when it comes time to join a team. Of course, even if they decide to pursue less frozen sports, that early introduction to such a challenging skill will be a great benefit on the field or on the court as well.

The Ice Skating Institute, or ISI, is a large organization that acts as both an association for ice rinks and also as a governing body for recreational skating. Their emphasis on “skating for fun” has led to competitions like the one featured in this video, in which impossibly young skaters show off their foundational skills to thunderous applause.

H/T: gotmygirl4

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