Living Room Gets A Huge Makeover With A Few Modifications To The Railing

Whenever you purchase a pre-built home, you will likely encounter certain features that you are not particularly fond of. Unfortunately, these houses come as a whole package, so whatever you want to change will have to be on your own time and at your own cost. Tara Boettger, from the blog Just Call Me Homegirl, came across this problem when she and her husband purchased a fantastic home in a good location.

While the house was in good condition and sat on a big piece of land, Tara was determined to revamp the home in whatever way necessary to truly call it hers. "If we were going to buy this house, it was going to be my mission to make it my own and not the boring cookie-cutter raised ranch," she wrote in her post. So she made a master list of all the things that she wanted to change in her home, and the dismal staircase area was one of the first things she wanted to redecorate.

"At the top of the stairs was a typical raised ranch iron railing. I hated it. It felt cold, uninviting and not to mention that people walking up the stairs had a great view of any dust or rolling cat hair tumbleweeds..." But with the help of her father and mother, as well as some creativity, they were able to turn that dreary area into a stunning bookshelf.

The first step was to determine the measurements for the bookcase - length, width, and depth. Then, they removed the railing.

Next, they began making three 2x4-feet boxes and affixing them to the floor, followed by four 2x10-feet panels to place on each end of the bookcase and in between the three boxes. She drew a bird's-eye view of the plan:

After the foundation was laid out, they added shelves to the unit by cutting 1x10-inch panels. To finish off the bookshelf, they added molding.


"For the back, there was wainscoting coming up the stairs which I hated," she wrote about the wooden paneling that lined the wall.

"So we took that off and were pleasantly surprised that there was sheetrock underneath. So we just added another sheet of sheetrock to the back of the bookcase, taped, primed and painted!"

In addition, they cut out a hole in the wall that connects to their wood stove downstairs, which allowed a lot of the trapped heat to now pass through. Bonus!

For the color of the bookshelf, she went with white. This really popped against the back of the shelf, which she painted the same color as her walls. The top wooden panel was then stained.


And here it is, all finished! It provides a fantastic space for any family member to sit down with a book or to just relax. It also adds a bit of privacy from the front door and downstairs.

It complements the rest of the living room so beautifully.

With guests over, it will definitely be a feature of your home that you can proudly talk about!

Can you believe that this stunning bookshelf area had once sported this dreary iron railing? What a world of a difference. To view the full details of this incredible project, check out Tara's post here.

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H/T: NX2 | Just Call Me Homegirl

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